I ❤ Sam Buttery

If you aren’t familiar with Sam Buttery, you will be soon enough. He is an incredibly talented singer and actor from London who among many accomplishments played the legendary Leigh Bowery in the the musical Taboo, which chronicles the London club scene of the 70’s and 80’s and is written by the incomparable Boy George. With talk of Taboo returning to Broadway I for one am hoping to see more of Sam on our shores. Oh, did I mention he is wearing one of my hats? What an honor!!



I hope you enjoy my complete line of hats for Fall/Winter!



More New Hats For Fall!

The beret has been a favorite among men and women forever. Easy to wear, they are adaptable and can be shaped and formed by the wearer to compliment any individual’s features. I have designed some variations on this classic hat, some with a more highly stylized appeal and some with a more relaxed look.

I like most milliners am inspired by shape. The last two hats in this post really catch the eye with their many changing  angles, depending on the angle one wears it and if they are coming, or going.




So thrilled! Photo by Matthias Brandt.

Here is the full editorial: http://www.fantasticsmag.com/stories/street-smart

My Hat on the Cover of Fantastics Magazine!


This Fall for Women: The Visor


As a milliner, I would love to see women wear a hat every day, and women do still love hats (just ask them). The question is, what would move a woman to wear more hats?  When I see a woman the most comfortable in her hat it is, generally speaking, in a casual setting with friends, usually on the weekends.  This may be to relieve herself  from the usual weekday task of perfecting that fabulous coiffure.  These hats are usually stylish and compliment the wearer, but lack that extra something that sets them (the woman and the hat) apart. When a hat that makes more of a statement is worn however, a person can feel as though the hat is wearing them and not the other way around. Does it have to be form or function?  To me the answer was clear. For fall, I am introducing a line of visor hats that range from casual to formal with an emphasis on shape and style that women will love to wear any day or evening of the week. Many of these hats are cut a bit higher in the back to accommodate a hairstyle  that is pulled to the back. For the more casual designs, this will help alleviate the dreaded hat head during the week and still cover that bed head on the weekends. For the more formal styles, women can utilize the most impactful of accessories for evening, the hat, while incorporating a chic, elegant hairstyle. Stay tuned for more…